Salgótarján ready to welcome investors

Salgótarján passed the examination and received a certificate of being an “Investor Friendly Location”.

Reacting to investors’ increasing interest in small Hungarian towns like Salgótarján, Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA) organized a training and certification program called ‘Investor Friendly Location’ in 2015. The aim of the program was to teach participants how to manage foreign investors in a professional manner and improve the competitiveness of the local economy.
The representatives of participating settlements learned about the issues related to efficient investor management including basic investment incentive systems, investors’ site visits, frequently asked questions by investors and basic requirements of foreign investors. They also mastered the basics of marketing, communication, presentation and protocol.

Representatives of the 34 settlements, including Salgótarján, successfully completed the training and were handed over the Investor Friendly Location certificate by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Medves Photomarathon 2016.

The Medves Photomaraton will be held on 3-5 June, 2016.

The specific purpose of the Novohrad – Nógrád Geopark to call attention of the amateur and professional photographers for this area. The basic of the Program of Photographer-friendly Geopark is to provide an opportunity for photographers arriving in this area to participate in specific programmes, request assistance from professional leaders, and rent equipments which help to make the best photos. Nowadays photo is the best effective marketing tool; this is also proved by the results of our Photographers Marathons in the region in 2013 and 2014, which viewed by 1 million persons from social media profiles. So far 500 participants attended the two events, who shared their photos from the geopark area on their own websites, blogs, and social media profiles. We have created an exhibition from the best photos, which circulating in the region’s schools and public cultural institutions. This event is a coopeation between the geopark’s team and the participants.


32nd International Dixieland Festival


The 32nd International Dixieland Festival will be held on May 6-8, 2016 in Salgótarján.


15:00 Marching All Over The Town, Performance of The Majorettes of Salgótarján
at Múzeum tér, Erzsébet tér, dr. Förster Kálmán Emlékpark and Fő tér


16:00 Marching All Over The Town, concert of Anna Németh and Lakatos Ürge Jazz Band, concert of Front Band
at Fő tér

19:00 ExperiDance Production presents: Frank Sinatra – The Voice
Frank Sinatra’s legacy still keeps influencing the world. ExperiDance Production and Hungarian Music Awards-winning singer Tamás Vastag present the unbelievable story, life, success, love and friendships of the famous actor in songs and dances on the stage of József Attila Művelődési Központ. (Tickets: HUF 4900 or HUF 5400)


16:00 Visegrád Gala at Fő tér


Tango Conspiration (Poland)
Zakoplaho Band /Czech Republic/
BB Dixieland Band /Slovakia/
Berki Tamás & Molnár Dixieland Band (Hungary)

21:00 Jam Session featuring the festival’s bands and singers, hosted by Lakatos Ürge Jazz Band
at Club Vintage, Kohász Művelődési Központ


11:00 Gospels and Spirituals concert by Four Fathers A Capella Group
at Szent József Plébániatemplom